The formation of the mother company specialized in the support of the air parts of the country based on the needs of the country’s aviation industry in supplying and supporting the parts in 2002, and during its 14 years of continuous operation, has been able to utilize its own specialist personnel and also obtain representation from companies Active in aeronautics, the aeronautical industry will accompany the country in pursuit of its goals.

The mother company specialized in supporting the airline’s parts of the country is always trying to create a suitable space for business and trade in the field of aviation, supporting the activists of the aeronautical industry. To ensure the health of the piece, the purchase and sale of bird equipment in all weights, finance Bank guarantees at home and abroad and advice on providing banking facilities, including the activities of the parent company specialized in supporting the country’s airspace.

It should also be noted that, given that the parent company specialized in airborne support is a member of 12 international chambers, all of its services and activities are governed by international treaties and regulations and are only active in the civil aviation industry.